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Options page problem with WP 3.9

  • Hello. Need a little help.
    Since WP update to 3.9 – having a problem with the Options page.

    No Custom Field Group found for the options page. Create a Custom Field Group

    Although everything is still in the database, and shows fine on the front-end.
    What am I missing?

  • Just purchased this plug in and having the same issue with WP v3.9.1.

    I have location rules set to display the field group if “Options Page” is equal to “Options”. The publish box shows up on the options page but the fields do not. Switched to 2014 theme to test but got the same results.

    Any resolution to this? I see that the post above is two weeks old.

  • Solved my issue. It seems the Style cannot be set to “Seamless”. It must be “Standard” or the fields don’t display on the Options page. Also, conditionals don’t seem to work on this page. That feature really cleans up the interface but I can live without it.

  • I had the same problem where my options fields were missing, but for me it was that Position was set to ‘High (after title)’. Setting it to ‘Normal (after content)’ caused the fields to reappear.

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