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Options page opens collapsed

  • I created 1 option page + 3 subpages. 1 of the subpages (and the main options page) work without a problem, but 2 of them open with the options collapsed like can be seen here.

    How do I achieve this ?

  • This is a WP function. When a post is saved WP records in the _usermeta table what what meta boxes are collapsed. This is very similar to what is happening here

  • Is there a way to counter it ? Because the link didn’t provide a solution (yet).

  • The way to counter it is to figure out what _usermeta meta_key it’s stored under, figure out how that value is stored and then update that value every time a user saves a post. WP does not provide any way to control this setting. You might, want to look into filters that WP runs when updating user meta values and see if there’s any way of altering the value before it’s saved.

  • I have found a simpler way to solve this.

    Duplicate the field group which is collapsed.

    Edit the name of the collapsed group to something (which sorts alphabetically behind the duplicated group). I use (collapse).
    Remove (copy) from the name of the duplicated group.

    Then removed the collapsed group.

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