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Options Page not saving (JS error, "Invalid form control is not focusable.")

  • Hey ACF team,

    I am working on a site that is currently hosted at Media Temple, Managed VPS.

    When attempting to save updates to the ACF options page, by clicking: “Save Options”, nothing is saved (no page reload, etc.). When clicking on the “Save Options” button, I am seeing the following error in the console:

    An invalid form control with name=’acf[field_54810bf73428b]’ is not focusable.

    I am only experiencing this on Media Temple, on the Options Page — all ACF’s on standard pages/posts are saving just fine. Additionally, I am not experiencing this problem in my local WAMP environment — the options page is saving just fine.

    Note: I have another site that is hosted on Media Temple, with a similar ACF setup on the Options Page (and same plugin version), but that one is saving as it should… Only difference is that instead of a Media Temple managed VPS, that one is hosted on their specific “WordPress Hosting” plan.

    Thoughts? Anyone having similar experiences on a non-local environment?

    AFC Pro 5.2.2
    Wordpress 4.1.1

  • Ok, so I have been able to solve the noted issue by doing the following (though I am not sure why this resolved it):

    1. Changed all ‘URL’ field types to ‘text’, saved custom fields.
    2. Changed all [applicable] ‘text’ field types back to ‘URL’, saved custom fields.
    3. Updated option page fields accordingly, and clicked “Save Options”… And everything saved — no JS error.

    If anyone runs into a similar problem, maybe the above will help.

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