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Options page isn't updating properly with WPML

  • First off, I already tried the suggestion here ( to no avail.

    I’m trying to import content to an options page using a custom importer I developed. Here’s the ACF-relevant code I’m using within the importer:

    update_field($selector, $field['value'][1]['value'], 'options'); // Update the field

    Before importing, I make sure to use the WPML admin language switcher to switch to the desired language. After importing, it properly updates repeaters and WYSIWYG fields for the desired language, but not the text field.

    For example, if I upload a French translation of my options page content, everything gets populated as expected except for the text field. Instead, the English version gets its text field updated with the French content.

    The weird thing is that the importer code above is used by both the WYSIWYG fields and the text fields… so there’s just some weird reason that it isn’t working properly for plain old text fields and I have no idea why.

    Any suggestions or insight into this behavior would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks all.

    Technical details:
    Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual v0.8
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO v5.7.7
    WPML Multilingual CMS v4.0.7

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