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  • Hi,

    can you add new field groups (using repeater) via the options page?


  • Hi @Nuro

    Can you please elaborate what you mean by ‘add new field groups via a repeater field’?


  • I am using 1 field group for the custom post layout, and then several field groups as table of contents.

    Each table of contents field group displays post in a custom post type added to a specific category.

    So e.g. I have a custom post type called Athletes. Each athlete is categorized (Soccer player, Runner, etc.) and displayed to the user based on the 1st Field group is set up (it might have a age field, a repeater for wins, etc.).

    Then theres a Field group for each type of sport thats set up to list the Athletes, show a photo, and a small bio.

    Now let’s say you have someone adding all the athletes, and he/she needs to add more ToC Field Groups for other sports (Basketball, Baseball, etc.).

    How can i let them do that without giving them full admin rights? I thought I could maybe use the Options Page add-on to add new field groups.

    Hope that makes sense and thanks a lot for your help!

  • Hi @Nuro

    Thanks for the follow up, but I don’t understand what a ‘table of contents’ field group is.

    Can you please attach some screenshots of your edit screen to help explain what you want the user to be able to do?


  • Hi, sorry for not being clear. I am using the field group to create a table of contents, and then the data entered is displayed via a custom template.

    Anyway I can send you the login info?

  • Hi @Nuro

    Yes, you can use a repeater field on the options page.
    You can then load this data into your theme via the get_field function.

    Please read the documentation for loading a value from the options page:


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