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Options page does not save the content! ?

  • I follow a video production options page, but after adding fields to fill in the content tab click Save, the page is no content, and do not save, do not know what is the reason? What needs to be done to set it? I am very troubled by this problem for

  • If I understand the OP correctly, I have a similar issue, although not on the options page.

    I can make custom fields, but their values do not save when I hit Publish. I do have some custom fields that save their data, but when I make new custom fields, I can’t save their data.

    I do not have any caching plugins.

  • Hi @ysbreh and @photocurio

    This is a chance that you have a plugin conflict on your site.

    Kindly try deactivating all the plugins and test with the default wordpress theme and let me know if the problem persists.

    Hope this helps.

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