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Options page displaying \'ghost\' field groups

  • Hi All,

    I made a support ticket for this issue, but thought it might be good to see if any one else has also had this issue.

    I’m rebuilding a site and it seems that the options page is pulling in ‘ghost’ field groups from somewhere in the wordpress database. No matter what I do, I can seem to ‘reset’ the field groups in the options page.

    Attached is a screenshot of the problem I’m describing. Anyone got any idea how this can be resolved? Cheers.

  • I see in the list of field groups that you have 1 field group that sync is available. Is that the field group? This field group could exist in the acf-json folder of the theme and not be in the DB. This could cause a field group to appear without it showing in the list.

  • Ah yep that fixed the problem, thanks. I guess I need to read more about syncing. Thanks buddy, much appreciated.

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