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Options page – Display stored values in table on a custom options page.

  • Hi all,

    Not sure if this has been answered as such, however I’m struggling to display the stored values from one Options sub page on another options sub page.

    Lessons – (Options Menu Group Title)
    – Lesson Schedule (first sub page)
    – Add Lesson (second sub page)

    Basically I’m try to call back the data that gets added on Add Lesson form, and display it on the Lesson Schedule in a table or calendar view (I can handle the way it needs to look)

    I’m able to get back the data successfully however in the options sub page the data renders above the options page title. Seems there is no simple way to use the Options page functionality to render stored data to another options sub page… I may be wrong, hence why I’m asking.

    I’m half inclined to believe that I need to add a custom admin menu page via the typical WP method, instead of the Options page functionality provided by ACFpro.

    Any advice would be great. Thanks!


    P.S. Where would I link the page template (admin template i.e. “lesson-schedule.php”) to the options page?

  • If you use a standard WP menu/admin page you won’t be able to add ACF field groups to it. If you do this and you want this page to be a sub page of an ACF page then you will need to use a priority of > 99 when adding the admin_menu action that will add this page. 99 is the priority used by ACF to add options pages, or at least it was the last time I looked.

    There isn’t really a clean way to modify an ACF options page. ACF does not provide any hooks here. But it is possible to hack something together. I have an example here (please read the warnings)

  • @hube2 Thanks for the response, I was worried this might be the case considering the issues I’ve been encountering.

    I’ll have a look at the example.

    Thanks again!

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