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Option to hide/modify field group title

  • This feature request concerns the field group titles. Up until now, when having a regular metabox layout, the field group titles are always displayed above the fields in a bar.

    This is not really a problem, but I have come across some inconveniences on more than one occasion:

    1. Oftentimes, I have field groups that only contain one field or contain some fields that cannot necessarily be grouped under a common title. I would rather have no title on that field group than one that repeats the field name or doesn’t match the field names.

    2. Occasionally, I have field groups that contain almost the same fields for different post types (since it is not possible to have single field conditions matching on post types etc.). They carry the same field group title and are indistinguishable in the overview (other than by the number of their fields).

    Maybe it would be possible to override the displayed group title, even have it set to “none” and do not output the group title bar at all?

  • I’d like this option too, but as a workaround, changing the style in the field group from Standard (WP Metabox) to Seamless (No metabox) hides the field group name.

  • We have a naming convention for ACF field groups to keep the groups organized when viewing a list of them. However, those names aren’t always what we want when the entire group gets displayed on a post or page. Would be nice to have this option too.

  • I also want to request this feature. Also having a naming convention and it looks kinda ugly on the backend.

  • @sjk1000: Changing to seamless doesn’t seem to work anymore. I think it’s that Gutenberg thingy that is scrambling a lot of things.

    And yes, it would be a nice be able to hide the title 🙂

  • I’d love to see this soon as well! Building client areas vs keeping track of development at the same time can sometimes be a bit of a compromise.

    A workaround is creating clone fields to import other disabled fields so you can have the development version and then rename it nicely in another group.

  • Please note that this feature request is now 6 years old. Item 2 has been thoroughly solved by the introduction of clone fields some years ago.

    I would still, to this day, love to see an option to remove the group header for groups that really, really don’t need it. But over time this has wilted into “minor annoyance.” Right now I have the honor of actually working with Elliot on another completely different issue and for this reason I am diving really deep into the codebase, getting very familiar with the code. Maybe I will find a solution and propose it myself. Maybe it will even be possible using a plugin. Let’s see.

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