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Option Pages does not work when submenu pages are there

  • When adding “add_submenu_page()” to “acf_add_options_page()” redirect “false” is not respected.

    See without add_submenu_age() –
    After adding –

    When I click on “Lynteo” I go to “Global Blocks” not to Lynteo Option Page.

  • Is there a reason you’re using add_submenu_page() instead of acf_add_options_sub_page()

    I have no idea what you’re doing because I can’t read any of the code in those images. Maybe try posting the code you are using here.

  • Only thing I did is:
    – acf_add_options_page with “redirect: false”
    – and then “add_submenu_page()” which negates the redirect and makes it “true” basically

    Why? Because I have ACF Option Page ad main where I have settings. It’s for my plugin. After that I need custom pages (mosty currently used to hide CPT my plugin creates).

    So when I click on the “first” item I see Option Page but there is submenu with more subpages I need.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but why should I use “acf_add_options_sub_page” to link to CPT or show custom content (not related to ACF)? This function does not support that, so I use default WordPress way

    PS: I managed to have it working (add acf subpage and the main option page is redirecting to it).

  • I do know that it works/or does not work when mixing acf options pages with other types of admin menu items. I don’t know why you are seeing this issue when using a WP sub menu page as a sub page of an ACF options page.

    This has a lot to do with the priority when adding the page or sub page. For example, due to priority of the ACF options page addition it is quite complicated to add a CPT as a sub page. It could be that there is a similar situation happening with mixing and acf options page with wp sub pages. See my explanation and fix for adding a CPT as a submenu item of an ACF options page here, it might help you.

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