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  • Hi,
    I’m experiencing some weirdness when trying to output my option page fields.
    Attached is images of my setup. The only thing that outputs right now are the <p> tag and the <div> tag surrounding the_field’s.


    ACF setup:
    ACF setup

    Added content to ACF fields:
    ACF content

    Front end:
    front end

    Any ideas what could possibly be wrong?

  • Have you found a solution yet? I currently have the same problem as all fields are stored in wp_posts and not in wp_options.

  • You are setting the post ID values of your options page ‘program-settings’ and ‘team-settings’

    This means that when using ACF functions you must use these post ID value instead of “options”

    the_field('programs_preamble', 'program-settings');

    ACF uses the “post_id” as a prefix to the field name in the options table


    When you change the field name it changes the prefix

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