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Open or Closed List?

  • I am working on a town site and I won’t a quick and easy way to list out all of the soccer fields in town and show if they are opened of closed. I’m hoping this utility can do that and someone could point me in the direction of how to do that. I’m also hoping that its easy to go in and changed the “open” status to “closed” when the town closes all the fields because of rain.

  • I would suggest that you create a custom post type called “soccer fields”. Google custom Post type UI and you’ll find an easy to use plugin.

    Then add a ACF field with a dropdown where the user can select either open or closed.

    Then to output the soccer fields check out this:

    and in the loop you can retrieve the open/close dropdown value using get_field or the_field and output along with any other info about the soccer field..

    I’m afraid that’s the best I can do for you since this question is faaaar to general. However if you look into what I’ve given you and you are capable of doing a bit of coding you should be fine!

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