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Open modal / popup and show field or page

  • Hi

    Im looking for a Way to:

    open my post link from the files i made for post link, in a modal or Nice


    Open a modal or popup that show my customer field from a post i have selected with my custom field post link.

    I dosent matter if the solution is with a (post object) or other in-sted, as long Im able to SELECT the post at my page in a dropdown just Like the POST LINK.
    And open the post in a modal/popup with my custom fields.


  • I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking for. I’m guessing that you want to be able to select a post in a post object or relationship field and then click on some link on the same admin page to open that page to be edited?

  • Thanks for Quick answer.

    Short description of my need.

    Im looking for at Way to open my link from my custom field, in a modal (Like a info Window)
    And show my content from a post, or be able to “set” the field to load, and show me the content just as if i was looking directly in the post..

    My site is:
    In-sted of just load the link, i want to see it without leavimg the window. :).

  • Sorry, this really does not help to explain it to me. Is this something that you’re trying to do on the front end of the site? In the admin?

    If you want to open links in a modal on the front of the site then this forum is probably not the right place to ask your question. After a quick search I found a plugin that does this or possibly

    Here’s a discussion I found

    You could probably code something custom, but not likely information you’re going to find in this forum

  • I have already tryed this plug-ins :).

    My issue is:
    I have the get_field witch getting the URL to the the post.
    But i dont know How to use the custom fields, to Tell that i shoud take the URL field and take the fields from the URL post and show Them.

    The field getting the URL and showing the post when clicing it.
    But i want it to open in a popup or “modal” .
    If possible to Tell that i shoud take some field that i have defined and show the, that Will ve Nice :).

    Did it make sense ? ?.

    If not i Will try wrawing it later. It might give more sense, Im not so good to write eng… :).

  • So there’s nothing in ACF that will take a URL create the code to open it in a modal. This is where ACF stops and your coding begins. Creating custom code that will do this is complicated and not something that can be easily put together. We’re all just users here. There may be someone else that has code readily available to share, but I don’t because this is not something that I’ve ever done before, I have not had the need. I have provided you with some links above that will get you started, but I can’t do the coding for you because it’s not simple and it will take a lot of time to complete.

  • Sh– 🙂
    So there is no Way to say:
    Take this link by the (get_field) and Then take the custom field that is defined and Berlingske to that post, and show Them here..

    Just Like if get the content from post_id or somthing

  • No, there isn’t. Opening a modal window requires using JavaScript, or jQuery. jQuery needs to be added to the site as well your custom code to tell it what to show. If it were easy there wouldn’t need to be a thousand different plugins for WP that deal with popups.

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