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Only display repeater fields where row is x

  • I have an issue someone might be able to help with. I’m sure it’s a simple solution but I can’t put my head around it.

    I have the need to display a list of videos matching a specific category. I have a repeater custom field setup with a nested repeater field inside it. Here’s a representation of my ACF fields:

    video_category (repeater field)
    … category_name (text field)
    … video_details (repeater field)
    …… video_name (text field)
    …… video_link (text field)
    …… video_description (text field)

    I have them all displaying at one time, but I need them limit their output to only 1 category which I will pass via URL variable (.com/video?vidcat=category_name).

    How can I limit the repeater output to only those with matching category variable? In other words, if I have 3 categories (County, State, National), how can I restrict the output to only display County?

    Thanks in advance.

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