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One Specific YouTube Video not working in oEmbed Field

  • Hello,

    I’m using an oEmbed field in a repeater. I just ran into an issue where one specific YouTube video is not working. When I paste in the URL, it just shows the video’s URL and not the video. Every other Youtube video I try in the repeater works just fine.

    The video in question doesn’t seem to have any weird privacy settings and I can embed in a content editor via iFrame with no problem.

    Has anyone heard of this or experienced anything similar?


  • Same issue. Video will embed fine thru the default WYSIWYG editor, but using ACF oembed field fails.

    The video ID does have a dash (-) in it, so I’m wondering if something is getting stripped / parsed incorrectly?

    All other videos working fine with the oembed.

  • I also have this issue, can someone from the team look why this isn’t working?

    Here is the video I have an issue with:

  • It has to do with whether the video is publicly accessible or not. If you look at where the comments would be and see “comments are disabled for this video” then ACF’s oEmbed module is unable to get metadata to properly display video

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