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One Form, Multiple Power

  • I want to create a Form that will be used to Post all Types of Contents– Posts, Image Gallery,Portfolio Post Types, WooCommerce and so on.

    There’s this plugin called ACF Frontend Form for Elementor( and it needs Elementor Page Builder and Advanced Custom Fields installed for it to work.

    I need the Form to be a dynamic Form in such a way that it will be one Form that will be responsible for making all uploads and postings.

    1.) How it works is this–It will be called Submission Form. When a user wants to submit an Image to the Image Gallery, the user will select “Content Type” from a drop down called “Post Type”.

    If the user selects “Image”, the form will only be populated with Metadata that relate only to Images. These are Category, Tags, Description and so on. Then the user clicks submit, and the Form is submitted.

    But if the user selects “Posts”–the form will be populated with fields related only to Posts. These are Post Title, Featured Image, Category, Tags, and a Text Area called “Post Content” –where the user can type in the Post, and then click Submit.

    And if the user selects “WooCommerce”–the form will be populated with fields like Product Image, Price,SKU” and so on.

    Then if the user selects “Portfolio”, the form will be populated with Metadata related only to Portfolio. The user fills in the details and then clicks submit.

    2.) The beautiful thing about it is that, the form will be just One Single Form.
    But it will have multiple power to be used to Post Images, Blog Posts, WooCommerce Products and Portfolio items from the frontend.

    The next amazing thing is that, the form accurately sends each post type to its required and designated place. It will send images to the Image Gallery, it will send Blog Posts to Blog Posts, WooCommerce products to WooCommerce products, and Portfolio items to Portfolio.

    How can this be achieved?

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