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one acf field not saving value anymore

  • hi there,

    i have a acf field that won’t save the value in the post page everytime i click update. Is always blank. It recently stop working…

    i have 13 fields and only this one is not working!

    if i create a new field is working but that’s not a solution for me.

    I have to keep that field name because there’s a 1000 data in the database using that meta key. Not going to re-enter them.

    only thing i could think off is to create a new field, delete the old one and find a way to replace the meta key of the new field so it match the one in the database

    sounds possible?

    or maybe someone else encounter that same problem and know a better fix.

    thanks in advance!

  • Hi @jimmy

    Can you provide some information about the field that doesn’t save?


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