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Once and for all… WPML compatibility

  • I’d like to start another discussion about the compatibility between ACF and WPML. There are a few known issues, for example the use of the Options Page.

    On the WPML support forum all I read is “ACF is not fully compatible with WPML, we have our own plug-in called Types” and “the author of the plugin is not interested in working with us”.

    Instead of using Types, is there a good alternative for WPML? I’m using both ACF and WPML for multiple years and WPML is the most unstable factor by far. Not only in relation to ACF, but with many other plugins, like WooCommerce.

    After updating to ACF5 on one of my clients website all the translated fields were gone, I had to re-check “Make Groups translatable” and re-save my groups. Lucky enough all the previous saved content was still there.

    Any ideas, suggestions, etc. are welcome.

  • +1

    I’m still struggling with ACF (5) and WPML from now and then. Even after years of using both of them.

    I despise Types; the usability and look & feel is a disaster compared to ACF.

  • In addition of my first post; on all my clients websites that use ACF + WPML I had to recreate (translate) every single custom field that I had already created when I built the site.

  • I’m about to run into the same limitation with my options pages. Pages and CPT items seem to work fine.

  • I’m using the version 4.3.8 and I still have problems translating fields that depend on Taxonomy.

    For many years I have used ACF and WPML.
    There seams to be a difficulty between both authors. WPML points to Types. In other words they’re suggesting a 444,357 downloaded plugin instead of a 2,326,199 downloaded ACF plugin.

  • Any news on this? I’m still a in royal amount of pain in the ass with ACF Pro 5.0.8 and WPML

    It’s a shame because both of these plugins are the best in their sectors.

  • Elliot tweeted this week that ACF 5.0.9 will have better support for WPML but no release date was given yet.

  • Thanks, let’s hope for a quick release. I’ve got sites I can’t put out because of these issues.

  • While I agree that ACF is the best when it comes to custom fields, I’m not so sure about WPML being the best.

  • It’s true that WPML is far from great but I’m not aware there’s a better solution for complex multilingual websites.

    Hube2, have you tried other multi-language plugins that allow some advanced options (string translation, translated CPT slugs, …)?

  • I don’t have a lot of experience with different multilingual plugins. I do know form a bit of working with WPML and digging into things that it has problems with causing a site to be extremely slow with many languages. I also ran into problem recently with crons failing due to PHP errors.

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