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Ombed not autoplaying youtube video

    • rudtek

    • May 19, 2020 at 9:06 am

    I am trying to get my videos to auto play on my page. I have created a field called ‘turntable_embed’ as subfield of ‘event_turntable’.

    Here is my display code:

      if( have_rows('event_turntable') ):?>
    	<div class="eventRow eventTurntable black" style="background-image:radial-gradient(circle, transparent 0%, #000 40%), url('<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/images/bg-honeycomb.png')"><div class="flexed container centered">
    	    <?php    // loop through the rows of data
               while ( have_rows('event_turntable') ) : the_row();
                 // display a sub field value
    	$video = get_sub_field('turntable_embed');
    	if ( $video ) {
    		// Add autoplay functionality to the video code
    		if ( preg_match('/src="(.+?)"/', $video, $matches) ) {
    			// Video source URL
    			$src = $matches[1];
    			// Add option to hide controls, enable HD, and do autoplay -- depending on provider
    			$params = array(
    				'autoplay' => 1
    			$new_src = add_query_arg($params, $src);
    			$video = str_replace($src, $new_src, $video);
    			// add extra attributes to iframe html
    			$attributes = 'frameborder="0"';
    			$video = str_replace('></iframe>', ' ' . $attributes . '></iframe>', $video);
    	      echo '<div style="padding: 0 10px;"><div class=" auto embed-container">'.$video.'</div>';
    	      echo '<h3>'.get_sub_field('turntable_title').'</h3></div>';
           echo '</div></div>';
      else :
        // no rows found

    Changing autoplay to 0, they don’t play (as would be expected). When auto play is set to 1 there is a loading bar at the bottom of the that fully loads, but the video doesn’t play automatically.

    Any ideas?

  • This is not something to do with ACF or oEmbed. This is a browser thing. Browsers will no longer autoplay videos that include sound and other things.

    It’s bases on what the user does and not what we want to happen.

    • rudtek

    • May 20, 2020 at 1:10 am

    this makes sense, but the videos are from youtube and don’t have sound.

    • teetl6

    • May 20, 2021 at 2:23 am

    Yes, autoplay is only allowed when mute is on. User must manually turn off Mute.

  • Even if videos do not have sound they still must still be set to muted. There isn’t any way for the browser to auto detect if a video has sound or not.

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