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oEmbed to a repeater

  • Hi im having troubles displaying an oEmbed to a repeater subfield please can you help me as im new to using ACF.

    It is a bootstrap framework.



  • I’m also experiencing the same issue. I’ve put an oEmbed field inside a Repeater Field, and each time I go to update the content on a page, the repeater/oEmbed’s content disappears. The oEmbed field works as a standalone on the same page.

    I’m running ACF v5.1.2.


  • Actually, this issue is for any field type in a repeater…not just oEmbed. I read the thread regarding the fix that 5.1.2 brings, but I’m still having the problem. I downgraded to 5.0.2 and this issue still occurs…

  • Update: I made sure to include the local JSON folder in my theme, deleted the repeater field, and then re-created it. Now it is saving content!

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