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oEmbed returns just

  • Hey there,

    i was wondering about a weird behaviour of the acf oEmbed field with Vimeo Content in it. A few days ago, the field suddenly stopped to show a preview. And at the same time it returns for example just a

    Does anyone know where this behavious could come from? A couple of days ago everything worked fine and i really don’t know anymore what to do… I get no errors or anything like that. I asked the Vimeo staff and they said it could be something with domain-level privacy

    even though i didn’t change anything there. So i would reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally appreciate any ideas, thoughts or help. 🙂 Is there a possiblity to add a Referer header before oEmbed gets executed or anything like that?


  • Same problem here, I’m subscribing to this topic.

  • Yeah, so this has been a long time ago but:

    I somehow got on a vimeo blacklist and they blocked the requested server! I wrote a script to get thumbnails and there was a bug in the script that endlessly requested the thumbnails. So the whole URL got blocked by vimeo.

    Maybe this helps someone…

  • I am having this same problem on a site but Vimeo confirmed that my site is not blacklisted. On the same page, some oembed outputs are working and some aren’t, all using the same template. If I go and copy/delete/paste the same Vimeo url in a currently working ACF oembed field, it then stops working.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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