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oEmbed field not working

  • Hi Ive been trying to troubleshoot an issue with the oEmbed field.
    I thought that updating the ACF PRO would fix it, but I still have the issue.

    In the frontend when I put a youtube link, I get an error like attached. ‘Error. No embed found for the given URL and then it doesnt display at all.
    If I go to the custom field, and change the field from oEmbed to URL for example and then change back to oEmbed, suddenly it works again for that field, but not for the rest of the video oEmbed I have… I have 3 fields to enter a video.

    How else can I troubleshoot?
    Thank you

  • Hi @manuki

    I recently came across a similar issue and it was caused by a conflict with a rogue plugin that had not been updated for ages. It is always important to run a conflict test by deactivating all other installed plugins and switch to one of the stock WP themes.

  • Hi james,
    thanks for your answer.
    yes I have tried that, but in this case I needed all the plugins I had active…
    but I did get to solve the issue by adding a text element and adding the iframes instead of the oEmbed directly.
    That seemed to work just as well.

    hanks again for your reply, this plugin is amazingly flexible!

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