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oEmbed doesn't always load

  • Hey,

    I just started using ACF few days ago and really impressed.

    I encountered a problem though,
    I have a problem with oEmbed, I don’t know if it’s a local problem.

    When viewing a page using oEmbed, sometimes the video doesn’t even load (doesn’t appear in the HTML code).
    When viewing the same while not connected to wordpress, the video never shows.

    I tried disabling plugins but nothing :/

    Please advise.

  • this field use of the native WP oEmbed functionality:

    must of time this is a normal problem in local

  • Same problem here, both on a local and online web server. It happens randomly and I can’t figure out why. One day I add an embed and it loads on both frond and back end. Then a few days later it’s not showing the embed, but just the link to the embed. There are no console or other errors.

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