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Odd update_field() error

  • Hi there,

    I am using ACF to take values from a Formidable Pro form and add them to the correct fields on various pieces of content. Everything works great, except for one area.

    One of my CPTs has a repeater field with a nested repeater relationship. You can see the array here:

        [0] => Array
                [field_5588df159646d] => 1
                [field_5589b19fa216e] => 1437044400
                [field_5589b1cfa216f] => 1437048000
                [field_5588de839646c] => Array
                        [0] => 621
                [field_5588de3c9646b] => 15
                [field_5588e147d5609] => Array
                        [0] => 725
                        [1] => 728
                        [2] => 729
        [1] => Array
                [field_5588df159646d] => 5
                [field_5589b19fa216e] => 1437078600
                [field_5589b1cfa216f] => 1437084000
                [field_5588de839646c] => 
                [field_5588de3c9646b] => 15
                [field_5588e147d5609] => Array
                        [0] => 736

    I need to add the new post to that relationship field and am doing so with the following code:

    if(isset($_POST['classes']) && is_array($_POST['classes'])){
                $studentClasses = $_POST['classes'];
                foreach($studentClasses as $class){
                    $classSesh = array();
                    $class = explode('-', $class);
                    $session = $class[1];
                    $class = $class[0];
                    $class = get_post($class);
                    $classSesh = get_field('field_5588de169646a', $class->ID, false, false);
                    $classSesh[$session]['field_5588e147d5609'][] = strval($student_id);
                    update_field( 'field_5588de169646a', $classSesh, $class->ID);

    The problem is in field field_5589b19fa216e and field_5589b1cfa216f. These are timestamps that I do not need to touch. Without fail these are erased. I know this is not happening at the point that I am add the next row, the var_dump you see above is AFTER that row was added. However as soon as update_field is run, the student is added correctly, but other fields are erased.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

  • I’ve ended up using get_post_meta and update_post_meta instead. Would love to know if this is a bug or not.

  • Hi @teama,

    Thanks for the post.

    I do not really think this is a bug, for sub_fields within a Repeater or a Flexible content field, you will need to make use of the update_sub_field() function instead of the update_field() function.

    This function makes it possible to target the specific row and the parent field.

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