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Odd (sub?) field names in custom fields

  • When a user is adding/editing a normal Page or Post, a long list of odd custom field names (which I’m guessing is what you call ‘sub-fields’) shows up in the list of custom fields that the user can choose from…the names are all similar (“field_521bc7a9481e1”)…..this is causing confusion for our users.

    I added a Custom Post Type via my functions.php file, which my (ACF) field group is used for. The field group and it’s custom fields should not be showing up on normal Posts or Pages.

    How can I remove those field names from showing up in the list of custom fields on normal posts and pages?

    The new (ACF-created) custom field names also show up, but at least those are in plain english….I would prefer that they not show up on normal Posts and Pages but we can live with that if we can get rid of the “field_xxxx” names.

  • Hi @TrishaM

    ACF uses metadata to save the field object (fields created in the field group).

    WP shows all metakeys in the default metabox for custom fields. This is just WP picking up the ACF data, that’s all.

    I’ll add this to the to-do to add in a filter and remove these values from the list if it is possible.


  • Thanks Eric – a filter would be great!

    BTW, I love your plugin! I’ve used it to replace Custom Press on several websites, because CP requires an annual membership to WPMU Dev (which is expensive) to get updates.

    The only thing that would make ACF a *perfect* replacement would be for it to allow users to easily create a Custom Post Type as well – I did manage to do that via my functions.php file after some research on how to do it, but that could be daunting to most WP users. Maybe this is something you could consider also adding to a future update of ACF?

  • Hi @TrishaM

    Thanks for the feedback, but there are already plenty of post type plugins!


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