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Odd repeater field behavior

  • I’m using the latest WordPress and latest ACF Pro versions. I am also using the Classic Editor plugin.

    I have a custom post type called Meetings. In the back end, the admin will fill out information for a meeting which includes many text fields, some dropdowns, a few group fields and one repeater field that contains 3 sub fields.

    Within a post loop…
    If I retrieve the repeater field data first, then my routines work as expected.

    When I try to retrieve the repeater field data after reading and processing some or all of the other fields, I get nothing.

    If I first save the repeater field object to a variable, I still cannot get the data if I wait until after processing the other fields. Results = null.

    My code is standard. The data is in the database as expected. I can get the data if I use get_post_meta(), but not using ACF routines.

    Is there something I’m overlooking? I’ve not had this problem before. I’ve worked with repeater field numerous times successfully.

  • I’m having similar issues – basically repeater fields are returning as “null”.

    This was introduced in 5.7.11, I had to roll back to 5.7.10 to get the fields working again.

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