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Numeric field of slider too small

  • When using slider with small numeric value (eg: 2.51) the numeric input field is too small and display only the first two character (eg:’2.’) the rest is hidden.

    Screen Capture of the problem

    The only way I found around this problem is to hack the file ‘class-act-field-range.php’ and change the style value from 1.8 to 3.8 for example.

    $html .= acf_get_text_input(array(
    				'type'	=> 'number', 
    				'id'	=> $atts['id'] . '-alt',
    				'value'	=> $atts['value'],
    				'step'	=> $atts['step'],
    				//'min'	=> $atts['min'], // removed to avoid browser validation errors
    				//'max'	=> $atts['max'],
    				'style'	=> 'width: ' . (1.8 + $len*0.7) . 'em;'

    but of course each time there is an update i have to change it again.

    Anyone has a better solution ?

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