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  • I was having a dabble at creating a proofing area so people can critique blog posts. I’ve set up a field called approved users which allows me to select users I’d like to preview a post, so when they login they can see the posts they’re approved to see, I was wondering is there a way to get the users from this custom field and notify them via email when a post goes live that they can give feedback on?

    I stumbled across this forum post but that seems to take a single user email, where as I’d be looking to source the emails from a user field, which there could be anywhere from 1 – 20 users.

    Any pointers appreciated, thanks 🙂

  • the function wp_mail() can take an array or a comma separated list of emails to sent the email to

    You would need to get the users that you want to email. How you do that would depend on where and how they are set. If you’re using a user field the you’d need to get the users selected in that field and loop through them to get the list of email addresses.

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