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Not allowing to rearrange fields

  • It is not allowing me to rearrange fields; either it discards my changes or deletes some fields to place it on that location.

  • are you seeing any javascript errors in the console? which browser are you using? Which version of wordpress? version of ACF?

  • Will, Thanks For replying.
    Here are details you asked for :
    No, there is no javascript error in console.
    Wp Version : Version 3.8
    ACF : Version 4.3.4
    Browser : Mozilla

    some times it allows me to rearrange fields very first time(Not everytime) when I open site admin panel to manage fields. after that not at all allowing me any editing. however I am able to add new fields.

  • Hi @parminder

    If the field edit buttons prove unresponsive, this is most likely a JS issue. Please open your console log and reload the page. Are there any JS errors on page load?

    Leave the console log open and attempt to edit the field, any errors when you click a button / drag the field?


  • Hi @menashe123

    May I ask is you are using WP Engine as your host?
    This server uses an object cache which interferes with ACF’s data.


  • Hello elliot,

    our host is dreamhost not WP engine. however we are using cache plugin named “Varnish HTTP Purge”.


  • Hi @parminder

    Are you able to temporarily disable the plugin for testing?

  • sure I will check by disabling that plugin and will let you know if it worked. Thanks for helping.

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