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Not all data importing through WP import function

  • Hi,

    I’ve got a site with a repeater gallery which I have added to my Artists post type. I’ve used WP export tools to export the Post Type and imported it into my new site. All of the content came through fine except for a number of the images in the gallery.

    The fields I have are:
    repeater = artist_gallery
    sub_field = image (image URL)
    sub_field = description (textarea)

    When I imported them maybe half of the images came through, the rest don’t show either the Edit or Delete buttons that normally sit above the images or the add image button that shows when there is no image (screenshot): so I can’t add them back in manually (I have 90 artists with hundreds of images so I’d prefer not to do it this way).

    I tried deleting the Artists and importing them again, but no luck. Is there anything else I can try to get all of the images over?

    The site I’m exporting from is using ACF and the site I’m importing into is using ACF Pro 5.2.1.

  • Is there any extra information I can provide that would help?

    I’ve upgraded to the latest ACF Pro on the export site and re-exported the content for my post type through the WP exporter. I re-imported the content into the new site and no change in the above behavior.

    The only difference I see when inspecting element is just that the img src is blank on the import site, see screenshots below:

    export site:
    import site:

    I also noticed that the custom field post id is different on the export and import site, would that make a difference?


    Any suggestions would really help as I don’t know what else to try.

  • any resolution to this?

  • If you are exporting from a site using AFC 3 or 4 and importing to a site using ACF5 you may have issues.

    More importantly, image fields of any kind store the image ID values of the images. If the imported images don’t have the same post ID and they do on the original site, which is more than likely, then the images will be broken in the image fields. So basically the WP export import will never work with ACF image fields.

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