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No response to billing ticket

  • Hello. Hope someone will pay attention here. I’ve been responding to the ticket where I pointed out the purchase of duplicate “unlimited license”. I don’t need two of unlimited. So I requested a refund.

    You responded a few WEEKS ago that you’ll “check with accounting”.

    Haven’t heard anything after this checking with accounting. I’ve now written three followups, and still not heard anything.

    What’s going on? Is this still a functional company?

    Please advise.


  • This is a user forum and you problem can not be handled here. You need to continue to contact support through email.

  • Writing to support has yielded nothing. This is to get their attention.

  • You will not get their attention here because they don’t look here.

  • So be it. Thanks for the info. I’ll also post to WordPress support page just in case. Perhaps over time I’ll relent and finally take a serious look at the inbuilt Gutenberg stuff now in WP.

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