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No related groups found in theme options

  • Hello!

    Since last week ACF Pro doesn’t show related groups in Theme Options.
    I’ve tried several things like:
    – updated WordPress 4.4.1
    – uninstall/install ACF Pro plugin version
    – downloaded en installed the latest ACF Pro plugin
    – removed defined groups
    – added new groups
    – changed menu-slug and parent-slug in functions.php

    But stilli get the notice “no groups found. create new ACF group” in theme options..

    What to do?

    * ACF Theme options
    if (function_exists(‘acf_add_options_page’)) {
    ‘page_title’ => ‘Thema opties’,
    ‘menu_title’ => ‘Thema opties’,
    ‘menu_slug’ => ‘theme-general-settings’,
    ‘capability’ => ‘edit_posts’,
    ‘redirect’ => false

    ‘page_title’ => ‘Thema: instellingen’,
    ‘menu_title’ => ‘Instellingen’,
    ‘parent_slug’ => ‘theme-general-settings’,

    ‘page_title’ => ‘Thema: algemeen’,
    ‘menu_title’ => ‘Algemeen’,
    ‘parent_slug’ => ‘theme-general-settings’,

    ‘page_title’ => ‘Thema: header’,
    ‘menu_title’ => ‘Header’,
    ‘parent_slug’ => ‘theme-general-settings’,

    ‘page_title’ => ‘Thema: footer’,
    ‘menu_title’ => ‘Footer’,
    ‘parent_slug’ => ‘theme-general-settings’,

    —- Versions —-
    ACF v5.3.3.2
    WP v4.4.1

  • Sometimes there can be a problem when updating from ACF4 to 5. But you said you tried adding new groups to the options pages and that did not work. I have the same setup on a test site and it’s working correctly.

    Do you have any other plugins installed? Have you tried deactivating them? What about the theme, has it been updated? Have you tried it on one of the default WP themes?

  • Hi John,

    I’ve tried also a new clean WordPress install and that worked. Then I imported new groups and that worked also. But after changing the limit of an repeater field the group is gone in the theme options..
    It happend on my local environment and also on the live server..

  • I’ve recorded my screen so you can see what happend..

  • I’ve found the error and a solution for the fix.

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