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No preview image on image field in frontend

  • ACF plugin: Advanced Custom Fields 6.07

    i have developed a wordpress-site on a local server. The task was to create an acf image field on a frontend page. This has worked like charme. (on the image version 1)
    However on the live-Server, all of a sudden the preview image is not displaying
    (on the image version 2)
    I have no clue, what is going on.
    I have the wordpress theme twenty-twenty with the twentig-plugin for more design. Deactivating the plugin however is not changing the issue.
    Can you give me a hint, where i should look up to solve this one?
    Image Field Preview not working on live-site

  • Sorry, here’s the image
    image field preview frontend

  • So, i found the solution by myself:
    It’s actually the argument “uploader” for the acf_form function. I had it on ‘basic’. Instead you wanna change this to ‘wp’.
    Problem solved

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