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No Matches Found on Custom Type

  • On wordpress backend I have a Post Object custom field which is added to a “Page”. And this field will get a list of post object from a custom type called “Video”.

    Given the title is there, when I do a search, it returns: No Matches Found.

    No javascript error found, just return no result.

    I am using ACF and WP 4.3.1.

    Thank you.

  • I just did a test of this and it’s working as expected.

    What version of ACF?
    Have you tried deactivating your other plugins and switching to the default WP theme?
    More than likely this has something to do with another plugin or some filters that’s altering or interfering with the response.

  • Thank you John.

    The Version of ACF is, WP 4.3.1

    I will try that and see what happened.

    Thank you again for your help.

  • Let me know how it works out. If you figure out what’s causing it there might be something that can be done to correct.

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