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No data found in Media Library

  • Hi there,

    I’ve a strange problem with the image upload field. My Media Library is full of images and some zip-files. When I add a custom image field, I can upload an image, but when I’m on the Media Library tab it waits a few seconds and shows that there was no data found. It was working before. Does anyone know what could have gone wrong?

  • Hi @robinw

    Can you open up your console log and watch for the ajax request when you open up the media library. Looking at the AJAX response, are there are errors that could break the JSON response?


  • Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for your help. I watched the AJAX response and it gives:


    Another response gives:


    Does it make any sense to you or do you need something else?

  • Hi @robinw

    Thanks for the follow up. We can confirm that the JSON response looks good, but it holds no data.

    It looks like you have a plugin / theme code which is hooking into the get_posts function and modifying the args. This can sometimes be the case with a members plugin which restricts posts based on a user level.

    Can you please try a fresh install of WP, ACF and Gallery field? Does it work correctly? Try adding in your other plugins / theme one by one until you hit the issue.

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