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No Custom Field Group found, except several exist

  • I have just first-time installed the newest ACF on a blog. I added the Repeater and Options plugins. When I click on the Options menu link in WP-Admin I see the error:

    No Custom Field Group found for the options page. Create a Custom Field Group

    Several custom field groups already do exist. I have also attempted to create new ones. All other plugins are disabled. Thoughts?

  • Under “Location” rules for the Field Group I had not selected “Options” from the dropdown. End-of-the-day oversight on my part.

    As a suggestion, maybe the error message on the Options page should tell users how to configure a Field Group to use with “Options”. If I’d had a hint that I needed to explicitly set a group to “Options” I might have avoided the confusion all together.

  • Hi @incredimike

    Can you please post your solution?


  • Edited my previous answer above.

  • Where do we set the group to options? Can you explain your solution?

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