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No alert for required user profile fields

  • Hi,

    I’ve added some ACF text fields to ‘users’, and made these fields ‘required’.

    However, I can update and save user profiles without filling any content in these fields without alerts. Am I missing something or might this be a bug?

  • When you mark a field as required that is exactly what should happen, the field is required to have content or it will cause an error. If you want to be able to have fields with no value entered then they should not be marked as required.

  • Hi John, thanks for taking the time to reply. It doesn’t answer my question however, maybe i didn’t state the situation correctly.

    I’ve added ACF fields to user profiles, and deliberately marked them as required, because I want admins of the website to fill these out.

    However, the required-setting doesn’t seem to do anything. Admins can leave these fields empty while updating user profiles, and no alert is given.

    This shouldn’t be the case, right?

  • I misread your OP, it sounded to me like it was working the way it’s supposed to work.

    I just did a test and can confirm that’s it is working correctly on my test site.

    The validation is done using JavaScript and AJAX. Any error in JS or during the AJAX request can cause the request to fail and this might cause what you’re seeing.

    The first step is to deactivate other plugins and possibly switch themes to narrow down what might be causing the conflict.

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