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No accented char in the post_name of the acf group

  • This is not really a bug, but it would be good to replace accented characters in the post_name of the acf group on creation.

  • Hi @etic

    Can you please elaborate a bit more on what you mean by the post_name of the acf group?

    Perhaps some screenshots will help?


  • Hi @elliot, of course.

    When we create an ACF fields group, it is stored as a wp_posts record in the database and the post_name db field (which is the id of the group) is an generated string from the group title, e.g:
    – The group title (post_title db field) is Options : Général
    – The generated id (post_name db field) will be acf_options-g%c3%a9n%c3%a9ral

    The equivalent php export result will be:

    register_field_group(array (
    ‘id’ => ‘acf_options-g%c3%a9n%c3%a9ral’,
    ‘title’ => ‘Options : Général’,
    ‘fields’ => array ( …

    It would be better for us, french fan of ACF, to have a non-accented generated group id 😉 That id would be acf_options-general

  • Hi @etic

    Thanks for the data, yes, I will add this to the to-do and have this fixed in an update!


  • Hi @etic

    Thanks again for the bug report.

    This has now been fixed and you can find the latest code on github.
    Please note, you will need to re-save your field group to correct the post_name data.


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