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Newbie question about ACF and PHP

  • Hello everybody,

    I am working with the ACF again and have some basic questions.
    Please excuse my beginner questions, but I can not go any further.

    I use a ready-made theme for WordPress.
    I would like to extend the forms for creating projects.
    For this I have created new fields in the ACF. These are also visible if I want to create or edit the posts in the admin area. There, saving the data works without problems.

    I want to insert the ACF fields in the form with PHP to use the form to create and modify new posts with the additional fields.

    I tried to insert a field with <input> into it.

    Field name: appointment request
    Field key: field_5cb9920d87b06

    <input class = “input-item text-field” id = “acf-field_5cb9920d87b06” name = “acf [field_5cb9920d87b06]”>


    <input class = “input-item text-field” id = “terminwunsch” name = “terminwunsch”>

    The entries are not saved.

    I have a mistake and am looking for an eternity.
    It is certainly a little something.

    Can someone please give me a hint and show me how to add ACF fields to a form via PHP?

    Please excuse my bad english. I used a translator.

  • Since you have used a translator, the problem is not clear. Can we have a image or link to see what you are trying to achieve? Are you familiar with WordPress template system and have you ever build a custom WordPress theme?

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