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new_post on acf_form not working after v4 -> v5

  • I have a site using the latest version of ACF Pro that was not an upgrade, meaning I installed ACF Pro fresh without the existence of ACF4 at all. On another site I have upgraded to ACF5 from ACF4. On the first site, I can use the acf_form options new_post just fine and it creates post as it should, on the second site, it doesn’t work and no new post is created. Also, if I add a parameter for field_groups ('field_groups' => array('42')), it’s gives me the error “Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /home4/cummings/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-pro/api/api-template.php on line 1296”.

    Did something maybe go wrong with my database? I upgraded it and it said it worked successfully, but I’m stumped as to why this isn’t working now.

  • Hi @arcanepsyche

    Thanks for the bug reports. I’ll add some conditional to prevent the error, however, can you confirm that a field group exists for the ID of 42?


  • That was the problem indeed, it turns out. The ID of the field was changed, I think, when I upgraded.

    Still trying to figure out why the new_post isn’t working in this installation. I’m using the exact code on both sites for creating a new post, but no luck on later one. I’m guessing it’s something I haven’t found in my own work though, so I’ll keep looking. Thanks Elliot!

    $newapp = array (
    				'post_id' => 'new_post',
    				'new_post' => array(
    					'post_type' => 'appointment',
    					'post_status' => 'publish',
    					'post_title' => 'tempslug', 
    				'field_groups' => array('414'),
    				'form_attributes' => array (
    					'id' => 'new-app-form',
    				'submit_value' => 'Post Appointment',
    				'update_message' => false,
    				'return' => add_query_arg(array('adminTab'=>'apps', 'sub-tab'=>'available', 'appcreated'=>true), get_the_permalink()),
  • I was able to discover what was wrong finally. Another custom post type I hadn’t converted was preventing post creation. Thanks!

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