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New WP, Old ACF

  • I wonder if anyone can help.
    I have 2 sites using old versions of ACF (one uses 2.1.4 the other uses 3.0.0) on old versions of wordpress.
    I would like to upgrade WP to the latest version (currently 3.6.1) to limit any security issues BUT I don’t want to update the ACF plugins yet.
    Does anyone know if having wordpress 3.6.1 with ACF 2.1.4 or 3.0.0 will work or cause any problems?

    thanks in advance

  • Hi @trixie

    v3.0.0 should continue to work with the new WP, however, I am not sure about 2.1.4 – I think in this case you will run into trouble with image fields.

    Please backup your database before updating anything, you will thank yourself if any data gets lost.


  • Hi thanks for your message.
    I ended up installing a fresh wp 3.6.1 locally and installed the ACF plugin v 2.1.4 and it all seems to be working! I have added some image fields and they upload and display fine so I’m guessing it’s all ok?

  • Sounds like it will be safe to update!

    But please backup your DB.


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