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New way to add ACF fields to search results: Algolia

  • It’s probably too early to post this, and I’ll regret doing so, but: looking for a way to integrate ACF and WordPress Search, I stumbled upon what, so far, seems to be a rather nice solution.

    I had never heard of Algolia before, but from the limited tests I’ve done so far their integration into WordPress is well done, searches are impressively fast, and they even have a guide to integrating ACF into their search results.

    Right now I’m tinkering with integrating ACF fields into a live search page for my members custom post type – if I get it wo work, I think my client will be mightily impressed (admittedly a big if) 🙂

    Algolia (currently) have a free “Hacker” price plan, so playing around doesn’t cost anything.

    (This is just a heads-up for folks coming here and maybe not being too happy with how Relevanssi and SearchWP taxes their servers resources, but want or need more fine-tuning than what Google Site Search provides. I hope it’s OK if I publish it here, even though it’s not really a support topic).

  • I am using Algolia too.. pretty impressive. Looking for a way to make 3 ACF fields being indexed by algolia. Any code handy?

    many thanks!

  • Actually, and unfortunately, I have nothing more than what I found on their documentation, since I had to stop using external service altogether (clients wish is my command, and so on) and go with a slow WP-native database-search solution.


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