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New version not showing fields

  • Recently I upgraded to the latest version of WP ( 4.1.1). I also upgraded to the latest version of ACF ( When I log into the admin panel and try to edit a page where I have repeater fields shown, the fields don’t appear. If I select a different template name under the Page Attributes and then change it back – the fields show up. This occurs on all of my template pages.

  • I am getting the exact same issue with the same updates.

  • I have the same issue even after updating to ACF PRO 5.2.0.

    I have six custom field groups:

    1. Five set to show if Page Type equals “Front Page”:
    2. One set to show if Page Template equals “Custom”:

    The json export of the field groups is available here:

    To reproduce:

    1. Create a page set to display as the front page in Settings > Reading.
    2. Create a page that uses a page template named “Custom”.
    3. Visit the front page. Confirm all fields are visible, or toggle them on in the Screen Options panel if they are not visible.
    4. Visit the “custom” page. Notice that the fields are not visible. Toggle all fields on in the Screen Options panel and confirm that they’re visible.
    5. Return to the front page. Refresh the page. The custom fields on that page are no longer visible and the screen options have become unchecked.

    Here’s a gif demonstrating the issue:

    ACF issue

    No errors are reported in the PHP error logs or in the Console.

    ACF PRO and 5.2.0 both display this issue for me. ACF 5.1.8 works fine.

    I should mention that both pages contain repeater/flexible content fields, in case that’s related.

  • Me too, but with the “Taxonomy Term” location rule, it just doesn’t save the value.

  • Fixed w/ latest release

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