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New to ACF and struggle from start :(

  • Hi all, I have tried to check all the possible posts on the forum but I don`t think there will be an answer to my issue unless I ask it as my theme structure is a bit different to the themes used in the “tutorials”.

    I have a theme (Jewellery Shop) and a child theme (Jewellery Shop Dark) and within the child theme I don`t have the files mentioned in tutorials to put the code to show the fields I created with ACF. So can you please check the below website link and let me know which file should have the code to show the fields?

    website is

    Thanks and regards

  • Hi @Baybtout

    It is not possible to see your theme’s files from a url.

    Perhaps you will need to contact the web developer which created your theme to ask them how you can customize the files.


  • Hi @elliot,

    Thanks for reading my message and taking time respond. The company/people who have created the theme is not in business anymore and cant be reached so Im trying to resolve this issue myself.

    From the tutorials, getting started articles I understand that I have to put the code to show the fields I have created within the loop file.

    Can you please tell me what is the easiest way to find which file is the loop file? If I find that file, I believe I can sort it after that.

    I bet this is going to be something which I tried in the past and because of a very obvious reason or something very small that I missed, I couldn`t fix the issue.

    I like ACF and it will make my life very easy to import and export things to my website so I will keep trying to find a way to make it work 🙂


  • Hi @Baybtout

    The ‘Loop File’ is not a file as such, but is a block of code which is used in any template to display 1 or more post object.
    You can learn more about ‘the loop’ on the WordPress website.

    Most likely, you want to find and edit the single.php or page.php file fo a single post. And the index.php or archive.php file for multiple posts pages.

    That’s all I can help you with as this is support for ACF related questions, not basic core WP questions.


  • Hi @Baybbtout, you can also search through your child theme file for any of these strings which are normally part of the loop: the_title, have_posts, the_post, $post

    If you don’t find any of them, maybe they are still only located in your parent theme. Like @elliot said, there is not necessarily a loop file. Sometimes, a file with loop code is included via the get_template_part WordPress function. Otherwise, there will be no particular file insulating this particular part of code.

    But firstly, follow @elliot advice by searching in the single.php and page.php files.

    Good luck!

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