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New Support Forum Questions

  • Hi Elliot,

    Let me first say, awesome plugin and website. The new forum is awesome, I’m glad to see you running bbPress. My question is in regard to how you setup the forum itself. You see, I also run a support forum over at

    I am running bbPress with the following addons:

    bbPress – Private Replies
    bbPress New Topic Notifications
    GetShopped Support Forum Plugin

    I see that you have various plugin topics marked as resolved, not solved, etc. Are you using the GetShopped plugin as well? If so, did you do some development on it yourself? I find it a bit buggy on my site, but it could be so powerful! I love how you styled your forum and hope I can emulate some of the functionality you have developed.

    Any advice you can give in improving my site’s bbPress support forum would be greatly appreciated! Also, I noticed your old support forums links in Google’s index are broken. You may want to 301 redirect those if you haven’t. Thanks again!

  • Hi @devinwalker

    Thanks for the kind words, I’m happy to head the support forum is being well received.

    The status and karma points plugins are custom and specific to this forum.

    My advise is to copy over the bbPress default theme into your WP theme and then read through it to understand how to hook in and modify the tempaltes!

    Good luck

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