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New Posts don't accept data, updated posts do.

  • Hi! I’ve been using your plugin for about two weeks, and absolutely love it.

    I’m using a third party plugin (WPMU Dev : Directory).

    It uses CustomPress (which is shit compared to ACF.

    It accepts the data on ‘Updated’ posts, but not ‘New’ posts.

    I know there’s a function to filter new data into it, but I can’t get it to work.

    Also, the directory plugin generates the post_id and whatnot, so I’m not actually using ACF to “publish” the post.

    If you need any more information or access to the site let me know.

    Don’t want to flood your support with the directory code.

    Thank you very much.


  • Hi @rboord

    I don’t think I understand what is and isn’t working, but it sounds like a compatibility issue due to the similar plugins running at once.

    Can you please disable all other plugins and re-enable them one by one until the problem occurs?


  • Hello! Thanks for the speedy reply.

    I am only using 2 plugins. The directory and ACF.

    I’ve setup multiple custom fields for the directory post type. The directory works entirely in the frontend. I’ve properly coded all the form inputs into the frontend but they don’t work when publishing a new post, only when updating a post.

    The CustomPress is a builtin core function of the directory, and wouldn’t interfere with ACF.

    What’s missing in my whole process is getting the fields to $_POST.


  • Hi @rboord

    Can you please clarify if ACF is not saving data on the backend (wp-admin) or on the front end (acf_form)?

    Can you create a ‘directory’ post in the backend correctly with the ACF data?
    Is the issue only happening on the front end?

  • Hello!

    The backend form is loading all the form inputs and values properly.

    The problem is only with the acf_form inputs not posting the values.

    Thank you for your attention on this.

  • Hi @rboord

    Can you please post all relevant code for this front end form including any filters / actions?


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  • Hi @rboord

    i can’t see where the function update_listing is being called from.

    Your code is extremely complex and I urge you to debug the code line by line. All programming issues can usually be traced back to 1 line from where it all snowballs.

    Just go through your code with a simple debug script like so:

    echo '<pre>';
    	print_r( $vairable );
    echo '</pre>';
    die; ?>

    And make sure that each line or variable is holding the correct data. The die command will stop the page from continuing so that you can test that the code actually gets to that point.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi @rboord

    Also, when did this issue start?
    Has this issue always occurred?
    Did you write all this code without testing that it saved?
    Have you tried to simplify your code to test that a more basic version can work?


  • The code is complex, because it’s from another plugin.

    I don’t think there’s something that is obstructing it from being posted, I think there is something missing that is keeping it from being posted.

    Does it look like all the conditions are there for the problem not to be that something is missing?

    This has always been a problem. The code is too complex for me to alter it and guarantee it works still.

    I’m off to debug now.

  • Hi @rboord

    There is simply too much code for me too look over and understand in the context of this free support forum service.

    Let me know what you find in your debugging.

    If the code is from another plugin, perhaps you can contact the developer of that plugin? They should know why there code does / doesn’t work.


  • So… since I will never get this figured out, my “bugs” are now features.

    Since the directory is going to be for multiple types of companies, I’ll let them do the title, and categorize the directory (built into that plugin), but then take them to an already posted version with the ACF stuff I need.

    Thanks for the help, man. Great plugin that is limited only by my experience.

    Gonna be swooping a repeater field and the gallery very shortly.



    My solution is to get rid of the directory plugin and run it 100% with ACF.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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