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New options for fields

      1. Add option to hide or disable to edit field in admin area. It can be additionally conditional- if value of one field = something, then hide or disable to edit another field.

        Option to hide field for user would be usefull if you want to update field only by update_field function- not from admin panel.

        Bilateral Relationship field – which works that when I`m editing any of the connected posts I can see the post it is connected with.

        Now if I want to connect post_typeA with post_typeB and see the connection while editing any of them I have to create relationship to both of them and do action while saving any of them to update the other one. It is quite uncomfortable and not very optimal

        Improve usability of Flexible content field so it works similiar to the Site Builder plugin. Now if you want build layout with 4 columns and handle it in the admin area it doesnt looks very well and it is not very comfortable and simple to clients. It would be better to organize rows and columns and after clicking in edit icon open then window with form to fill up the acf field.
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