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'New Lines > Automatically Add Paragraphs' renders two line breaks

  • At some point in the last couple months ACF has stopped rendering new lines as paragraphs in a text area that was (and is) set to “automatically add paragraphs.”

    I only noticed because I targeted some CSS against the p tag and now it is busted.

    I’ve tried resetting and testing on a fresh post but no joy.

  • I just texted and ACF textarea fields are working as expected.

    There must be something else that’s causing it.

  • I turned off all plugins (save ACF) and it does the same thing. I switched to WYSIWYG instead of text area and the behaviour is the same.

    This is only happening in ACF, p and br behave as expected in the post’s regular body copy.


    Actually, I misdiagnosed the issue. It’s not that ACF is turning p into br+br. Rather, it is stuck on “auto br” and it not honoring changes to that new line value even though it will say “auto p” or “no formatting”

    I duplicated as ‘fieldname2’ and with the same text copied, it works as it should.

    So how can I unstick this?

  • I would suspect a filter on the fields. I don’t know why it has recently changed for you but I cannot reproduce the issue.

  • Well, if anyone else finds this via Google. I managed to ‘fix’ this by:

    1. Created ‘fieldname_2’
    2. Renamed the busted field ‘fieldname_old’
    3. Renamed ‘fieldname_2’ to ‘fieldname’ (the original name of the busted field)
    4. Erased ‘fieldname_old’ (the value data was now in ‘fieldname’)
    5. Then I had to go into every post and make some change (I added a space to the text) to the value and save.

    That got things back to where I needed them. I’m sure there’s a way you can automate all of some of that above but that’s beyond my ken so I had to go in and edit 100+ posts which is as fun as it sounds.

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