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New JavaScript filter 'should_submit'

  • Hi there, I have a site that loads every page via AJAX. On one of those pages I would like to use acf_form() and it should not reload the page on submit. For that, a new JS filter in acf-input.js would be great, just after acf.do_action('submit', $form);:

    // action for 3rd party customization
    acf.do_action('submit', $form);
    // filter for 3rd party customization
    var shouldSubmit = acf.apply_filters('should_submit', true, $form);
    if( shouldSubmit ) {
    	// submit form again
    	if( this.$trigger ) {
    	} else {

    That way I could prevent ACF from submitting the form and use my own logic for that.

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