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New free Google Maps-plugin

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to do a little show-off, as we at Stupid Studio, have just released a new ACF Field.

    The plugin is a very simple Google Map-field, created as an alternative to the existing Google Map ACF-field, as we found numerous issues with that one.

    Please take it for a spin and do report back, if you find any issues, has feature requests etc.

    Kind regards,
    Stupid Studio

  • Hi @mortenskyt

    Great work on the field, and thanks for sharing.
    Just to let you know, I have just built a google maps field and is currently available on the nightly build (github) – this will be released int he next version


  • Hello Elliot,

    Ah, that’s cool – let’s see how things evolve. Maybe it makes sense to keep both, maybe it doesn’t.

    Kind regards,
    Morten @ Stupid Studio

  • @mortenskyt

    Quick question: does your map field save the data I enter? In other words, when I enter an address and save the post, will the address I entered remain?

    The reason I ask is because on testing the current location field anything I enter is replaced with the default co-ordinates for Paris!

    My expectation is very basic: I enter an address and hit enter, a map is plotted with the correct location and I save the post. When I return to the post the details I actually entered and saved are, well, actually saved!

    Paris is great, but it’s not appropriate to show a map of Paris when I want to show a map of Gloucestershire in England.

    If your add-on can serve this particular need then I’ll give it a go.

  • This is one of the very useful plugin in ACF. But I’m just wondering why can’t I pull the values from the field into the front-end. I added the field locations to the user profile.

    I tried using this:

    $values = get_field(‘locations’);
    $lat = $values[‘lat’];
    $lng = $values[‘lng’];
    $address = $values[‘address’];

    tried echoing $address, but to no avail.

    So what I did was replace get_field with get_the_author_meta, to make it work like this:

    $values = get_the_author_meta(‘locations’);
    echo $values;

    I echoed out $values and returns:
    {“address”:”beverly hills”,”lat”:34.072856123839486,”lng”:-118.40037775767212,”zoom”:16}

    But my problem is when i used this;
    $lat = $values[‘lat’];
    $lng = $values[‘lng’];
    $address = $values[‘address’];
    echo $address;

    Nothing is returned. What could be the problem? Can you help with this?

    Or how am i suppose to break the returned
    {“address”:”beverly hills”,”lat”:34.072856123839486,”lng”:-118.40037775767212,”zoom”:16}
    into three attributes (address, lat, lng)?

    I’m looking forward to hear from you.


  • @elliot

    Im using the acf-coordinates plugin, i just wanna break the returned coordinates so I can create a google maps out of it.

  • @mortenskyt hi can you help me with this?

  • Hello Kidcajes,

    If you use the get_field method, you will get the fields as an array. For some reason I can’t remember, we decided to serialize into json when saving, instead of as an array, like most other plugins does, so if you want to use get_the_author_meta, then you’ll have to json_decode($raw_data, true) to get it out as an array. But I would suggest sticking with the official get_field()-method from ACF. It does support fetching author meta, so there’s no reason to fetch it straight out of WordPress. Using the official ACF-API ensures that any additional data/parsing/restructuring, will be passed along to your functions.

    In your case, the working code would be something like:

    $var = get_field('locations', 'user_'.get_current_user_id());

    and then the $var would contain an array like you expect.

    Kind regards,<br />Morten Skyt

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